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In a world facing challenges and uncertainties, Modelflow allows banks, processors and merchants to rapidly accelerate and improve financial fraud response time and real world detection performance.
Our advanced mSynapse AI technology allows easy deployment across all payment channels while integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure and remaining fully compliant.


Why We're Different

ModelFlow integrates high volume fraud pipelines and AI deployment processes across all channels and devices, while reducing costs of predictive model creation and maintenance.

Accelerate Financial Fraud Modelling and Prevention

Our platform allows fraud experts and data science teams to streamline predictive fraud modelling and improve both detection and acceptance rates.

  • Automate Model Development Lifecycle
  • Save thousands of hours in data preparation, feature engineering, resampling and parameter tuning
  • Easily verify performance against live data and redeploy automatically.

All devices, All channels, All Attack Vectors

Consumer habits are changing, and with them fraud patterns and exploitation types.

  • End to End Payment Fraud Detection Platform
  • AML Prevention
  • New Device and Account Takeover

Full Compliance Throughout the Decision LifeCycle

ModelFlow provides concise and transparent reasoning for each transaction processed, while fully complying with privacy regulations and standards.

  • Fully PSD2 Compliant
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Complete reporting and data logging on all components of the system

Integrated and Containerized Production Environment

Deploy on commodity hardware, scale infinitely.

  • Containerized Environment Allows Rapid Deployment and Scalablity
  • No complex big data infrastructure needed
  • 1 ms average response times

Connect Seamlessly and Keep Transactions Flowing

Orchestration Hub combining all risk assessment sources along the customer journey. Rapid integration alongside preexisting detection systems with custom event handling.

  • Case manager with transparent reasons for reject/approve
  • Integrate with pre-existing rule based systems
  • Fully compatible with 3DS2, SCA

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