Issuing Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Deploy On Premise / Hybrid-Cloud / Fully Cloud Based
  • Scale infinitely and securely with Hardened Dockerized deployment

High Performance, High Availability, Rapid Deployment

ModelFlow is designed from the ground up for enterprise deployment scenarios , with ability to integrate seamlessly with preexisting systems and transaction logic, and maintain full regulatory compliance through all system processes and components.

  • Achieve PSD2 compliance fraud rates Below 0.13% for 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) exemption
  • Ready to run scenarios for typical issuer transaction data drastically reduce implementation time

Fully Transparent Explanations on Each Model Prediction

Integrated case manager assists fraud analysts and risk experts in determining the decision flow that approved/declined a transaction.

Continuous Deploy To Production

Created models are automatically retrained on new data, rechecked for consistency and performance and auto-deployed to production on a daily/hourly basis.

mSynapse model performance improvement vs standard modelling (ROC/AUC)

  • mSynapse
  • Other

Typical ModelFlow Auto Machine Learning Path

Load Data Into ModelFlow - 10 Mins.
Perform Automated Feature Engineering and Data Wrangling -15 Mins.
Train Model and Cross Validate on Holdout Data - 30 Mins.
Save Model and Deploy to Production - 1 Min.
Set Auto Retrain and Redeploy to Production - 10 Mins.
Lunch Break - 34 Min.