Merchant Processors

    Reduce Losses and Chargeback Rates

    Powered by our mSynapse algorithm stack, ModelFlow dramatically improves acceptance and detection rates

    • Container Based Deployment for Unlimited Scalability at 1ms Response Times
    • Integrate Easily with Existing Fraud Measures
    • Deploy On Prem / Cloud / Hybrid Cloud

    Reduce Chargebacks, Integrate and Deploy Rapidly Across Regions, Devices and Customers

    Payment processors face ever increasing complexity and challenges in the face of changing customer habits, sophisticated fraud attacks and the need to offer a manageable platform for merchants. Modelflow combines ease of use, cost effectiveness and simple integration, while coexisting with legacy fraud prevention measures.

    Fully Transparent Explanations on Each Model Prediction

    Integrated case manager assists fraud analysts and risk experts in determining the decision flow that approved/declined a transaction.

    PSD2 Compliance

    Achieve SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) exemption and reduce 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) with ModelFlows extremely low fraud rates.